NautaDutilh is recognised for its unconventional culture and creative mind-set. We are known for being adaptive thinkers. The subtle art of adaptive thinking is about learning how to think instead of being told what to think. It enables us to deal with change, learn from new situations and think on our feet when solving problems for clients. Adaptive thinking is embedded in our culture, the way we advise our clients, our communication and our actions.

A collaborative and participatory approach

At NautaDutilh, our doors are always open. We encourage everyone to express their views and to contribute actively to the firm's growth and development. To encourage interaction, we've set up several internal committees which focus on health & wellbeing, diversity & inclusion, environmental awareness, social gatherings and people management. Each committee includes people from all levels of seniority, with different backgrounds and opinions, who actively work to come up with new initiatives.

Diversity & Inclusion

We want everyone at NautaDutilh to feel that they can be themselves at work - voice their opinions, be respected and achieve their goals - regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any other characteristic. We are firmly convinced of the benefits of a diverse workforce and are committed to promoting gender equality at all levels. We are openly LGBTQ+ friendly and work proactively to promote the inclusion of persons with all types of disabilities. 

Our commitment to preventing discrimination and promoting equal opportunity and diversity has been rewarded by Ministry of Employment of the Brussels-Capital Region through the grant of a diversity label.

Environmental Awareness

We are a leading environmentally conscious firm. In 2020, our environmental performance was officially recognised by Brussels Environment (Leefmilieu Brussel/Bruxelles Environnement), which awarded us a three-star Ecodynamic Organisation Label (Label Ecodynamische Onderneming/Label Entreprise Ecodynamique).


Our people committee focuses on the continuous improvement of employee and fee earner involvement, performance and working conditions in order to ensure the optimal functioning of our office in keeping with the firm's culture and values.

Health & Wellbeing

We provide a pleasant working environment with modern offices, near the Sonian forest. We strive to create a healthy environment, where wellbeing and balance take center stage. Our offices are equipped with ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks which allow users to alternate between sitting and standing positions. 

We organise sports and yoga classes and regular runs and/or walks in the Sonian forest. Our offices are accessible by public transportation, and there is a pool of e-bikes in our parking garage which can be borrowed free of charge during office hours. 

Social Gatherings

Our main focus is on teamwork and achieving results together. We regularly organise activities to get to know one another in a less formal context, build team spirit and encourage communication, such as regular office drinks, our annual Sports Day and a Christmas party.

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